"The entire Universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want" 

Abraham Hicks


I'm Amanda and I started my healing journey over 15 years ago.  I felt as though something was missing in my life and I was looking to fill the void. Through extensive research and personal experience, I explored a number of healing modalities and was most drawn to Theta Healing. 


Theta Healing is a form of meditation and questioning that enables us to understand the emotional blocks that are preventing us from living our life to our full potential.  I use Theta Healing, in conjunction with other healing and counselling processes, to access, address and shift emotional and physical trauma.  


I have successfully used Theta Healing to assist clients through a number of challenges and have overcome anxiety, stress, physical and emotional trauma and physical ailments.  I have assisted clients in dealing with weight loss and substance abuse as well as address trauma from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I have also successfully helped many of my clients manifest a soulmate, an ideal job and the overall feeling of contentment. I am available for sessions both online and in person in Guildford, Surrey. 




Each Theta session is one-on-one and entirely confidential. Through conversation, we will embark on a healing journey and be guided with the help of muscle-checking (kinesiology) to engage with the subconscious.  

Each session is unique and often enlightening provided you come with an open mind.  

The deep state of meditation we use to conclude the session evokes the dominant Theta brainwave which scientists have concluded has the ability to lower stress and anxiety and can lead to deep relaxation and clarity.


Metaphysical Anatomy explores our childhood and ancestral lineage that has passed down traumatic experience and ailments which are now manifesting in present day as illnesses, life situations and anxieties.  In conjunction with the different processes I have learnt, we are able to shift and align our your reality to achieve a more harmonious life. 

Through research it has been uncovered that our illnesses often stem from mothers' experiences during pregnancy, time growing in the womb and ancestral family issues.  


Each session is roughly an hour and can be conducted online.  

It can be helpful, when booking a sessions, to have a brief understanding of what you hope to achieve from the sessions.  

Follow-up sessions are beneficial to complete your healing cycle.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before booking a session to have a better understanding of the process and costs.




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