I work with a wide variety of challenges, using my unique combination of holistic techniques.   Issues that I have successfully navigated with my clients include (but are not limited to);

·    Anxiety

·    Allergy Relief

·    Physical Ailments

·    Stress management

·    Post COVID challenges both physical and mental

·    Social Anxiety

·    Overcoming personal tragedy

·    Sexual abuse

·    Depression

·    Family Issues

·    Self-esteem

·    Substance abuse

·    Not achieving or struggling to achieve business goals

·    Weight loss especially when other treatments, have had little to no success

·    Relationship challenges

·    Parenting Issues

·    Overall life goals for a much happier and fulfilling life



Each session is one-on-one and entirely confidential. Through conversation, we will embark on a healing journey.  

Biodecoding® is a therapeutic tool that I favour because whilst  you expect me to help you find a solution to resolve your health and emotional issues, you will be instrumental in the outcome. Through active talk and the use of various techniques, Biodecoding® therapy enables you to identify the events that have caused the emotional conflict connected to your current health condition or concern. The answers are often found through the overview of your personal and ancestors’ history.


60 min one-to-one session £60

Pay for 3 sessions and get a discount

Book for four sessions and only pay 50% for the 4th - 4 sessions £210

5 for 4

Book for five sessions and only pay upfront for four - 5 sessions £240

(20% discount) 

Online and in-person sessions are available in Guildford, Surrey.


Each session is roughly an hour and can be conducted online if necessary.


Each session is unique and often enlightening provided you come with an open mind.  

It can be helpful, when booking a sessions, to have a brief understanding of what you hope to achieve from the sessions.   Follow-up sessions are beneficial to complete your healing cycle.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before booking a session to have a better understanding of the process.


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